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H.O.F #3 Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards
24 Sep, 2012
Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards
Who are they?

These two people's musical histories are so closely intertwined they might as well have been joined at the hip. Together, bass guitarist Bernard Edwards (left) and guitarist Nile Rodgers (right) were the bread and butter of the disco and R&B giants, 'CHIC'.

Their footprint?

Not only did the duo co-write almost the entirety of CHIC's catalogue, but their distinct rhythms and grooves can be found littered all over disco music. They wrote two full albums for Sister Sledge - 'We Are Family' and 'Love Somebody Today', Diana Ross's best and most successful album 'Diana', and even one for Debbie Harry - better known as the lead singer in 'Blondie'. Outside of their prolific number of collaborations, they were also individually spectacular.

Nile Rodgers produced David Bowie's most successful album 'Let's Dance', Madonna's 'Like a Virgin', and many other tracks for other big names - Duran Duran, Mick Jagger, Grace Jones, Al Jarreau and Depeche Mode to name just a few. All this in addition to producing the soundtracks for the films Coming to America and Beverly Hill Cop III, and the videogames Perfect Dark Zero and Halo 2 and 3.

Edwards' work has led him to be considered one of the most influential bassists of the 20th Century - with his work cited as the inspiration for Queen's 'Another One Bites the Dust', and his basslines being copied countless times over many different genres. He was posthumously inducted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame for his work as a producer.

Why do I like them?

Individually, their skills are top shelf, but together is where they really shine. They had a genuine and intricate conversation between their instruments - Rodgers' sharp and highly syncopated rhythm patterns played off Edwards' deeply 'in the pocket' grooves so neatly. A lot of their chord structures and melodies are also so 'out of the box' and in your face, you can't help but listen and nod your head.

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