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Welcome to my new site!
4 May, 2012
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Hello! and welcome the home of singer-songwriter and producer - Kamau Lyon (me).

Here you will find all the latest info on my happenings, with links to releases, music videos, gigs and much more.

To get a feel for the site have a look around, listen to a few tracks, read my bio, etc.

If you like the vibe - download from my shop (name your price from £0.00), add me on facebook/twitter and COME BACK - I will try to update regularly...

This site is completely created and maintained by myself, and being so new to the game, there are bound to be teething problems along the way. If you find anything frustrating, contact me at support@kamaulyon.co.uk, and I'll try to make it a better user experience for you (unless it has anything to do with internet explorer 6/7). Forget that.

I would really like to know what you think of my music so comment wherever you can - soundcloud, youtube, whatever.

Be sure to drop by later on today, as a music video will be following shortly.