Kamau Lyon
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Who's this guy?
About Me
Who's Kamau?

A talented, multi-instrumentalist Londoner, who wants to find a way to make the music he loves, and not succumb to poverty along the way.

Now that he has been weaned off being a perfectionist, he is ready to share his creations with the world.

Always been one to complain about the state of the majority of popular music he had to bear growing up, he quickly found comfort and appreciation in the melodic and emotive persuasions of funk, soul and harmony, clutching to dusty unheard of vinyl, and putting greats like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and Earth, Wind and Fire on so high a pedestal that no-one could, and probably ever would dare knock them off.

He does however have more recent affections, citing aspects of the world of electronica and bass-heavy music as major springboards for his ever developing craft.

Being of free modern spirit, (and gutted he missed the sixties) his mind wanders though the more abstract and psychonautic musings of his godless world.

His lyrics usually deal with themes including humanity, experience, or state of mind, sometimes coloured with an ambiguous metaphor or two.

Music has always been somewhere on his mind, but as his life developed, typical social expectations forced his passion to the back of the queue.

And like so many, he had exceptional difficulty answering the question 'what am I going to do with my life?' – to such a degree that he filled the void with studies in the hope that a sensible and worthwhile profession would just come along someday.

However, while in the final few years of his Masters, his father contracted a fatal illness and passed away before his time. This threw his worldview completely sideways, cocooning him, and thus forcing him to really assess what he wanted out of ‘this one life he had’. Some time passed, and slowly but surely, out of the darkness came light, form and purpose –

“F**k it. Just do what you really love...”
So here we are.

Listen. Love. Grow.